The Gossip Girls 

Liz aka Cbl (crazy boss lady)

Liz aka Cbl (crazy boss lady)


Liz has been in the Hair & Beauty industry for over 16 years. She has a passion for great hair and loves making people look and feel amazing.

As owner of Gossip Hair & Beauty, Liz prides herself, her staff and her salons as being fun and down to earth but very professional and providing top quality service - “The culture is the best thing about my salons, Both in Mittagong & Warilla” - Liz

Liz believes that your hair experience is all about a feeling - Not just about how you look - but how you feel! “Positive Energy and Kindness is all it takes - Sprinkle that stuff everywhere” -Liz

"We at Gossip believe in sharing.. we share our secrets to beautiful hair anyone, that way they can recreate the looks we've given them so they can feel amazing everyday, not just when they leave the salon".




Creative Director - Senior Hair Stylist @ Mittagong

Jessi's Creative nature is what drives her to be a great Hairdresser and Salon Director. People attract to her because of her warm heart and quirky personality! She will always make you feel great when your in her chair! 

Jessi says “ Hairdressing is all about Art and Passion -Your hair will be my blank canvas, and I will make it, an amazing work of art specifically designed for you”






Creative Director & Senior Hair Stylist @ Warilla

Hope - a word we use to describe a feeling of want, Hope for better hair? Hope for a better life?

Well - You found it with this Hope! This beautiful soul will have you feeling warm and fuzzy whilst in her chair… With over 10 years in industry - She loves what she does and loves making her guests “hair” dreams come true.

Hope Says “ whether you laugh or cry in my chair - I will make it the highlight of your week”




Team Director & Chief @ Warilla  

From a background in Business and Customer Service Rachelle joins our family as a head Chief. She is an absolute perfectionist and an absolute asset to the general wellbeing of the team and environment at Gossip - in both Warilla & Mittagong.

With these Skills - She has decided she wants to take on Hairdressing and turn her Perfectionism and Creative talents into making our guests feel great too - Upcoming Business & Hairdresser Extraordinaire at your service!

Rachelle says “Never be afraid to reinvent yourself. You might just find you LOVE IT!”



Emily “Frenchie”

Senior Hair Stylist @ Mittagong

Emily - The Heart and Positivity Queen at Gossip Mittagong. Emily brings with her a new quote each week, making the team feel special with each one she brings. Her Love, Personality and Positivity are contagious - The best case you ever want to catch!

If your a guest in her chair - you will soon find out how great it feels to be around her like we do. Not only that - Did we mention she’s super great at hair too?

“Learn the rules like a Master - and then Break them to be an ARTIST” -Emily




Senior Hair Stylist @ Warilla

Moniques nature is calm and natural. Sometimes she can be a little too honest, which is an absolute strength - because with that - you can see though to her heart of Gold.

Moniques Major Skills are Barbering - She loves gents hair including the Master of Fades and Hot Shaves.

Barbering - created by Man, Perfected by Woman



Senior Hair Stylist @ Warilla

New to the Family - Jayde has moved to the coast from Canberra! In the short time she has been with Gossip we realise she is super Honest & Passionate and is able to stir the pot to make the atmosphere in the salon upbeat and energetic!

Jaydes been referred to previously as a Blonde Specialist in her former workplace. We cant wait to see what she does here on the coast!

“THERAPY IS EXPENSIVE - Get a Haircut instead - Were great Listeners!” Jade



Apprentice & Beauty Pro @ Warilla

Beauty radiates from this talented Apprentice! Part of the Gossip Family for just under a year, she looks forward to everyday knowing she is learning and doing what she has always wanted - to be a Hairdresser!

As late - she now is learning and mastering the art of Hair Colour - you can literally see the excitement radiate from her face when she’s finished one of her every own guests, and even better - the reflection of the guest in return! #MAGIC

Hayley Believes Success is no accident- it is with hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all LOVE of what you are doing


Courtney  “Smiley”

Apprentice @ Mittagong

A Ray of sunshine at Gossip Mittagong! This kid Radiates Happiness at every second of every moment - You wont even believe it until you as “does she ever not smile” the answer is NO (I’ve never seen it)

Courtney is the most positive and beautiful nature in the salon. She is forever kind to each and every guest. Her talent is endless too! Never scared to give anything a go and will continue to try until its perfect!



Apprentice @ Mittagong

Carmel joined Gossip as a second year apprentice and prior to joining - she felt a little less then amazing. She knew she wanted to be great - but didn’t ever feel like she was given the opportunity, until now!

Months on she is Flourishing! Her work is amazing and she is continually growing and learning each day! Her commitment and passion to our Gossip Family is absolutely admired. She will be a pro in no time - and at that stage - I cant wait to see what she accomplishes.



School Based Apprentice @ Mittagong


We knew when we saw her work that she was going to be amazing! The potential in such a beautiful young person is incredible. We knew we needed her to be part of our little family - and with that we offered her a school based apprenticeship after a few weeks of work experience.

Jacinta is, and will continue to be a very valued asset to the family at Gossip.